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What is Resonance?

MyResonance is a new social currency that turns social recognition into real world impact

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  • It can be given to friends or colleagues automatically through a simple positive reaction

  • One resonance is the equivalent of a £0.01 micro donation

  • The Resonance holder then decides the impact they wish to make

How it’s used

MyResonance work with individuals and companies that care about people and planet.


Make your giving social through our disruptive giving solutions for home and work.

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Brand Managers

Connect your brand to the people that care about the same things as you.

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People Operations

Drive recognition rich work cultures and more engaged employees.

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A cultural currency backed by positive impact

We connect the individual actions of people and business creating a new positive impact community

How It Works

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How it works?

MyResonance is available now on Slack to bring about strong company cultures through social recognition.

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