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What is Cultural Currency?

What is Cultural Currency?

Cultural Currency is backed by pledges from people and companies that care. Every unit is backed by £,$ and € committed donations.

Cultural Currency = Impact

Every Cultural Currency unit in circulation has already been committed to go to a non-profit organisation. The choice of that non-profit is down to the holder.

What is Cultural Currency?

Can I issue my own Cultural Currency?

Yes, at MyResonance we provide the tools to help you make an impact. That’s why all MyResonance customers can name and issue there very own cultural currency. To start issuing your companies own cultural currency click below.

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Cultural Currency in three steps


Promote the things that matter to your people and planet. and build a pride in your company
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Create a recognition rich work environment with free flowing feedback
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Donate your Cultural Currency to causes your employees care about and make your giving go further
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