Make your company a great place to work

Make your company a great place to work

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Your Company’s Cultural Currency

Your Company’s Cultural Currency

Cultural what? Don’t panic. Everyone knows that finding and keeping the best, right people is hard these days. When it comes to jobs, it’s a buyer’s market.

But in every crisis lies an opportunity. So, anything you do to make your company stand out as a great place to work is worth its weight in goody bags.

And, a Cultural Currency is precisely that. Something you can offer your potential and current employees that makes them feel good about working for you.

How we help

How we help

Purpose led workforces

A purpose-led workforce is an unstoppable force. Create a workplace that your employees shout about to their friends. And it’s that sort of word-of-mouth PR that really gets organisations, like yours, noticed.

How we help

More productive workplaces

When you work with happier and healthier employees. People who are are physically active and recognised for positive actions they do. You get a better workplace. More productive. More energetic. More their kind of workplace.

How we help

Attract the best, right people for your business

Hiring the best, right talent is not easy. Offer them a package including Cultural Currency and differentiate your company from the crowd.

Here’s what Nosheen said

Your Company’s Cultural Currency

Purpose is something that runs through
everything we do.

Our Cultural Currency continually engages and encourages every one of our people to feel they are valued and sat in the right place.

You can’t put a value on that.

Nosheen Mahmoud - People Manager - Qadre

How Cultural Currency works


Promote the things that matter to your people and planet. and build a pride in your company
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Create a recognition rich work environment with free flowing feedback
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Donate your Cultural Currency to causes your employees care about and make your giving go further
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Watch your happier, more connected and driven workforce flourish with increased productivity and pride in where they work

Building cultures with real purpose

Building cultures with
real purpose

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