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Your Company’s Cultural Currency

There are huge challenges facing the world today. And pressure is mounting from customers, employees and shareholders for business to demonstrate meaningful change.

But in every crisis lies an opportunity. Everything your company does to bring about this change can drive a new level of trust across everyone you deal with. This scale of change can seem overwhelming, as does knowing where to start .

And that’s precisely where MyResonance comes in. We help you define the change you wish to make, engage your entire workforce and drive measurable impact and business value.

How we help

How we help


We help you define and benchmark the type of social and environmental impact you want to promote that makes real business sense.

How we help


We leverage the latest in gamification and behavioural science to engage all your people in actions that matter for your company and our planet. Centred around your companies very own Cultural Currency we encourage happier, healthier and more productive employees that love their workplace.

How we help


We measure the impact of every action and donation, giving you as a company and all your people the confidence that you’re driving real impact and business value. No greenwashing here.

Here’s what Nosheen said

Your Company’s Cultural Currency

MyResonance helped us tremendously in measuring the impact our business has.

Our Cultural Currency is now being continuously used across our teams to reward multiple actions

You can’t put a value on that.

Nosheen Mahmoud - People Manager - Qadre

How Cultural Currency works


Promote the things that matter to your people and planet. and build a pride in your company
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Create a recognition rich work environment with free flowing feedback
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Donate your Cultural Currency to causes your employees care about and make your giving go further
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Building cultures with real purpose

Building cultures with
real purpose

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