Creating recognition rich work cultures

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The employee engagement problem


of Millennials are     not
engaged at work today.


of Millennials want job’s that reflect their values

How MyResonance changes this

MyResonance creates recognition rich company cultures built on common values

Recognition rich cultures

Create recognition rich workplaces no matter where in the world your teams are sitting are

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Purpose Driven

Purpose is what drives us all. Create alignment across teams and your company

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Strong Connections

When individuals learn more about the things that matter to eachother, offices start to be human again.

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Supportive work environments required

Work can get complicated
quickly, a supportive
environment is imperative

How It Works
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MyResonance is a digital token backed by a commitment from a company to make a real world impact.

Employee Recognition

Build recognition rich cultures where individuals thrive and strong teams are built

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Pay-roll Giving

Make pay-roll giving the norm in your organisation with a new fun way of spreading good across your workforce whilst generating real impact.

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy planet

Recognise employees for sustainable commutes too and from work with MyResonance and really support their journey

How it works?

MyResonance is available now on Slack to bring about strong company cultures through social recognition.

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