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Pricing Questions

How do you calculate how many individuals are on my team that I have to pay for?

When someone gives Resonance through either a reaction or using another function we recognise them as an active user. So you don’t pay for anyone who hasn’t used MyResonance!

What happens when the trial is over? Will I be charged?

Once your trial is over we won’t charge you anything that’s because we don’t require any card details to trial MyResonance. You’ll receive a few messages during the trial asking if you’d like to upgrade.

How much Cultural Currency do I need to purchase for my employees?

This depends on how much positive actions your staff do and how much Resonance is given to other staff. We can set limits on how much Cultural Currency can be earned each day with as little as a £1 maximum purchase per month required.

What if my team hasn’t donated all our Cultural Currency by the time my trial ends?

If you need some more time to donate your Cultural Currency we will be happy to give you a little more time to get all those donations made and see your impact.