We’ve done our best to cover as many questions as we can here and we try to add to them when important new features come up. If however you need to ask anything else just let us know.

Pricing Questions

What is Cultural Currency?

Cultural Currency is backed by pledges from people and companies that care. Every unit is backed by a basket of £,$ and € future donations.

Every Cultural Currency unit in circulation has already been committed to go to a non-profit organisation. The choice of that non-profit is down to the holder.

How do I earn Cultural Currency?

You can earn Cultural Currency at participating companies through doing actions like sustainable commutes and more actions that we are bringing onto the platform.

You can also earn Cultural Currency through your daily issuance. The amount you earn depends on how generous you have been with your Cultural Currency with your colleagues. This way your Cultural Currency works for your business as a nifty peer-to-peer recognition also, encouraging a recognition rich culture.

Who can I give Cultural Currency to?

You can give Cultural Currency to colleagues to recognise them or give it to high impact non-profit organisations. They then can exchange Cultural Currency for fiat currency and make a positive impact.

Tracking Actions

How do you track peoples work commutes?

We track an individuals work commute using an integration partner called Strava. They are a leading technology provider allowing cyclists to track their speed, distance, inclines and declines and much more. We read this data and calculate your CO2 saving vs. driving to work. With this we calculate your Resonance issuance.

What other impactful actions do you track?

Currently just sustainable commutes, however we’re also working on other work and high impact actions. If you have a great idea for an action you’d like to capture and recognise with a Cultural Currency then please do contact us.

Donating Cultural Currency to charities

What charities can I give my Cultural Currency to?

You can give Cultural Currency to any charity that is currently covered in the MyResonance charity database. If you need a charity added we’ll simply need some basic information as well as impact data so that we can provide the same great user experience.

Can I just have the money myself?

At MyResonance we believe giving to be the most powerful of actions. It’s benefits do not just extend to the recipient of the donation but the giver themselves. Numerous studies have shown it to drive a greater sense of purpose in individuals, increased happiness and self worth.

For teams this can demonstrate the ability to co-create within an organisation, developing new ways in which to bring together people around selfless acts. We could go on, we like to get geeky around this stuff, feel free to drop us a line to find out more.

Pricing Questions

How do you calculate how many individuals are on my team that I have to pay for?

When someone gives Cultural Currency through either a reaction or using another function we recognise them as an active user. So you don’t pay for anyone who hasn’t used MyResonance!

What if I need more than 60 days to trial the product?

If you need some more time to decide if MyResonance is right for you that’s fine. Just get in contact with us and we can agree to extend it out further.

What happens when the trial is over? Will I be charged?

Once your trial is over we won’t charge you anything that’s because we don’t require any card details to trial MyResonance. You’ll receive a few messages during the trial asking if you’d like to upgrade.

How much money do I need to put into my Cultural Currency for charitable donations?

This depends on how much positive actions your staff do and how much Cultural Currency is given to other staff. We can set limits on how much you’ll need to pay out each month so you have total control. Teammates can also purchase Cultural Currency which can quickly create a good flow across teams.