Recognition rich workplaces

Let peer-to-peer recognition and feedback
flourish across your team

Recognition rich workplaces

Purposeful peer-to-peer recognition

Build stronger teams

Positive recognition is something everyone needs. Whether you talk to a psychologists or a leading HR consultancy it’s No. 1 in driving happy and engaged people.

But the use of extrinsic rewards peer to peer can create environments that lack a key element of what it is to be human. This is no new idea either, the concept of ’crowding out’ has been around for decades.

And that’s where a Cultural Currency comes in. Providing an individual the ability to make a positive impact on others collectively creates something altogether different.

Firstly co-creation, individuals get to see collectively what impact they’ve had. Secondly pride in their team, no-one tells their mates how proud they are that their team gave them a coffee voucher. Cultural Currencies however, now your talking.

Key Benefits

Purpose led workforces

Build stronger teams

Create cohesive teams where everyone feels appreciated, no matter their level as recognition is driven peer-to-peer across all employees no matter their level

Boost engagement

Boost engagement

Encourage frequent and timely recognition and feedback through integration with your communication platform

Purpose led workforces

Purpose led workforces

Connect social recognition to positive impact with your firms own Cultural Currency. Creating employee led philanthropy and impactful actions. What’s more the benefits are seen by all instead of an Amazon Voucher.

How does it work

Receive your cultural currency

Individuals receive an amount of your companies Cultural Currency. The amount they receive varies based on actions completed and/or how many people they’ve recognised with Cultural Currency previously.

React to employee posts

Every time an individual ‘likes’ an individuals message on a public or private chat they immediately give one cultural currency. Depending on the emoji used they can also give up to 100 to the recipient.

Shout-outs receive cultural currency

Individuals can also react to shout-outs to teammates by other teammates with Cultural Currency going to those mentioned in the shout-out. Thereby increasing the number of shout-outs happening across a team.

Private recognition

Individuals can use simple commands to give Cultural Currency with personalised messages and hashtags to individuals. Creating a great feedback loop through peer-to-peer recognition.

Donate your cultural currency to innovative non-profits

Individuals can choose from the most innovative and impactful charities in the world to donate to. Then see collectively there impact across there organisation.

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