Promote what’s really important

Tell your people you care about their
health, causes, careers and so much more
with your Cultural Currency

How we help


Reward Cultural Currency to individuals who commute to work sustainably. Whether they run, ride or walk let them know you care.


Reward Cultural Currency to indivudals on important dates. Whether it’s a birthday or work anniversary, let them know you care.

So much more…

Whether it’s volunteering, Learning & Development courses or keeping the kitchen clean, reward your people with impact.
Issue your Cultural Currency now.

Purpose led workforces

Promote Active Commutes

  • Promote walking, running and cycling to work
  • Create a more energetic, alert and healthy workforce
  • 2.4 less sick days, 26% reduced risk of major depression and reduced insurance premiums
Celebrate Anniversaries

Celebrate Anniversaries

  • Never forget a team-mates birthday
  • Reward and celebrate work anniversaries
  • Send your Cultural Currency to clients for festive holidays and let them make an impact too
Reward important non-core work

Reward important non-core work

  • Reward the completion of learning and development activities to develop skillsets
  • Get those employee surveys completed in record time
  • Or just reward your team for keeping the kitchen tidy. The choice is yours.
Reduce food waste, promote volunteering and much more…

Reduce food waste, promote volunteering and much more…

  • Issue Cultural Currency upon completion of volunteering days
  • Enable food that would otherwise go to waste to be sold for Cultural Currency in your workplace

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Promote the things that matter to your people and planet. and build a pride in your company
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Donate your Cultural Currency to causes your employees care about and make your giving go further
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